Queens Animal Care Center

A Cheever Development State of the Art Project


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Location: 1906 Flushing Avenue, Ridgewood, New York 11385

The work consists of performing, installing, furnishing and supplying all materials, equipment, labor and incidentals necessary or convenient for the complete new construction of 1906 Flushing Avenue, Ridgewood, NY. This new three-story building will provide approximately 50,000 SF for an Animal Shelter operated by the Animal Care Center of New York. The facility will provide animal adoption and surrender services, animal housing, a public animal medical clinic, animal shelter medical care and all support services for the facility. The building is to be constructed of masonry bearing walls and concrete plank floor construction and will be provided with two service grade elevators that will provide access to all floors. The site will provide parking at two locations providing 26 cars on grade at Flushing Avenue and 24 cars and a garage for two service vehicles at Troutman Street. New sidewalks, paving and landscaping, including exterior covered dog runs will be provided as well.


Owner/Developer 11Park Place, Suite 805, New York NY 10007
Projected Cost: $29.479,247
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