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we have completed more than 1.2 Billion Dollars in Construction and Construction Management Contracts.
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Cheever Development Corporation is a privately held firm headquartered in Brooklyn, New York with operating subsidiaries located throughout the New York City Metropolitan areas. We provide a wide range of construction and building related services for projects of various sizes, scope and budget. We are Consultants, Developers and General Contractors with experience in education, residential, commercial and government projects. Our more than 30 years experience and stability comes from longstanding relationships with satisfied clients and design professionals. We appreciate and value these relationships which are pivotal to our success in the industry. Over the years, we have constructed over 2,000 residential units throughout the City of New York and surrounds.

WHO WE ARE (History)
  • Founded in 1982, Cheever Development Corporation is a family owned and operated by Messrs Matthew and Michael Lonuzzi. Prior to Cheever, the owners operated L.C. Drywall Corporation, a Multi-Million Dollars Carpentry and Drywall business that still exists today.
  • Equipped with more than a quarter century experience throughout the New York City metropolitan construction market, we have completed more than 1.2 Billion Dollars in Construction and Construction Management Contracts. By combining cost effective resources with strong knowledge of the Metro-Area construction market, we can deliver practical and flexible solutions to meet our client specific needs. To enable our clients control their hard costs, time and other project Parameters, we offer value engineering services at the early stages of the design work to Architects and Engineers
  • We have 120 Million Dollars capacity with Class A-15 rated Surety Company.
  • We maintain in-house Architecture and Engineering Consultants in all our projects. Our A/E team provides a level of service that is responsive to our clients with emphasis on time and cost factors without compromising quality.
  • With more than Seventy-Five direct employees and A/E consultants, Cheever is constantly seeking to improve management techniques and practices that enhance our client returns. We make it priority to find, train and empower the people who work for Cheever, and give them the tools needed to excel on their projects. Most of our employees function in Supervisory positions
  • We actively participate in building communities, not just projects. The partnership we create in each community become the catalysts for enabling them meet their own aspirations and prosperity, through employment, skills training, providing technical assistance and other services on a nonprofit basis. Many of our employees and subcontractors are hired within the project community. This is a core component of our philosophy.

Cheever maintains excellent relationship with numerous Federal, State and City agencies, including but not limited to HUD, FDC, SCA, HPD, NYCHA, DHCR, HDC, HHAP and NYC Health and Hospital Corporation in the capacities of Construction and Management. More than 60% of our past and current clients are from the public sector.

Our customer relationships are built on trust, integrity and respect. These are the key to our sustainable growth for more than 30 years. Our goal is to help each of our clients realize their vision.

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